Nama Nakshatras - Christina Collins


February Webinar:
February 19, 2011
1:00 PM, EST

Christina Collins

Nama Nakshatras: Sounds Associated with the Constellations of the Moon and their use in Vedic Astrology

90 minutes
Each of the 27 constellations of the Moon, or Nakshatras have a specific sound with whom they are associated. Your natal birth star or asterism gives the sound, that by tradition will be the initial sound given for your first name. In ancient times, this is how horoscopes were recorded, if you know the exact pada (segment) of your Nakshatra, with its sound, giving you a name – you could always resurrect your horoscope. Especially useful – before atomic clocks, when time was sometimes measured by water dripping from a string. Beyond naming a baby, (or a company) by knowing the sound of the natal moon at birth, there are 108 sounds in the 360 degree zodiac.

Every planet will have a specific sound association – your benefics – and your malefics. Even portions of the horoscope, or houses without planets carry a sound component. For example, your given name could associate with a difficult house or planet in your chart, or the 8th house, 22nd drekkana will carry a potential sound that could be harmful to an individual (or company). So, you might want to change your name, or your company’s name – or use your middle name.

These sounds are not only used in naming, but can be used in interpreting Prasna charts (a chart for a question in a moment of time). For example, two people interview for a job position with you. One has the sound of your Moon, the other has the sound of your Mars or Saturn. You would, depending upon your Mars or Saturn, perhaps be better off hiring the person who resonates with your Moon (or Mind), rather than your conflicts and struggles (Mars and Saturn.

Also used in Muhurta and when creating and naming companies – we will examine the energy of the sound(s) associated with the exaltation of the Moon.

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